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If you’re anything like us, you’re left scrambling from the shower to the car. Half the battle of getting ready is finding all the things you need. We try to stay organized, but let’s face it, we can barely find our cell phone under our beauty counter’s heaping pile of hair care and makeup, let alone a bobby pin. That’s why we created our own everyday hair kit.

In an easily accessible box (celebrity hairstylist Glenn Ellis recommends a medium-sized makeup case), we grab at least 10 smaller-sized essentials that we’d normally have trouble finding in our stash of hair supplies. “I recommend products no bigger than the size of your palm,” Ellis tells Mane Addicts. “These can either be travel-sized styling products or general everyday hair needs like scrunchies or clips. Make sure you keep your box up-to-date if an item gets lost or broken so that you never have to worry about not having something on hand.” Trash Can Rubber Bands

11 Things You Need in Your Everyday Hair Kit | Mane Addicts

To get started with a hair kit of your own, here are 11 things we keep in ours!

Glenn Ellis is an LA/NYC-based celebrity hairstylist who regularly styles Aubrey Plaza and Josephine Skriver.

Bobby pins are as easy to lose as they are to wear. They’re one of the most versatile hair accessories and they barely take up space, so it’s always beneficial to have these on hand.

Whether for a workout, bedtime, or fresh from the shower, you can pretty much always rely on the need for a scrunchie. Sometimes decorative and other times solid-colored, they can be fun and playful or serve the sole purpose of putting your hair up. Grab one or two from a set and replenish as necessary.

Hair oil typically comes in small, transportable sizes, so you can easily tote some around with you at all times. In addition to hair health benefits, these oils also add shine and can ease frizz. We highly recommend the Hairstory Hair Oil as it’s lightweight and works for all hair types.

If you’re blow drying your hair, curling it, or placing it away from the face when doing makeup or skincare, a set of long, thin clips will always come in handy. They’re lightweight and a few won’t take up much space, so you’ll want to have at least two on hand.

Spa headbands were the breakout buy on TikTok last year, and they’re not going anywhere any time soon. The original from Versed isn’t currently available, but there are plenty of inspired looks, like this one we found on Amazon.

Whether you’re applying oils, prewash, or shampoo, or you simply want to keep the circulation going in your scalp, you’ll never not have use for this product. We found one that resembles the coveted Vegamour massager, but at a fraction of the price.

For a tight pony, secure bun, or hairstyle without the fancy frills, a set of standard hair ties is always key. Black for dark hair and off-white for blonde hair will do the trick.

As the most crucial addition to any hair kit, you definitely need an everyday brush. Something with a solid grip that doesn’t take up too much room is key. We suggest Tangle Teezer’s Ultimate Detangler.

Leave-in sprays last a lifetime, so you don’t need a massive purchase. Grab a travel size and plop this into your kit. We stand by DESIGNME’s FAB.ME Leave-In Treatment, as it serves a slew of benefits and gives us happy, healthy hair.

Feeling a cute braided moment coming on? Tiny, clear-colored rubber bands will do just the trick for one of these looks or other styling or sectioning needs.

We’ve all taken a quick rinse (after all, who really washes their hair daily?), and for those days when we want to hop in and out of the shower quickly without soaking our strands, we need a disposable plastic shower cap. They’re one of the cheapest hair kit finds you’ll own, and one cap takes up almost literally no room.

I'm kinda into the look.

You will look better in bed than when you get out.

Your scalp deserves all the love!

11 Things You Need in Your Everyday Hair Kit | Mane Addicts

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