Standard Polyaxial Pedicle Screw Spine Titanium Orthopaedic Implant

The Spinal Fixation System consists of a variety of shapes and sizes of rods, hooks, screws, crosslink and connecting components etc., as well as implant components from CANWELL MEDICAL CO., LTD. The Spinal Fixation System, which can be rigidly locked into a variety of configurations, wi

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The Spinal Fixation System consists of a variety of shapes and sizes of rods, hooks, screws, crosslink and connecting components etc., as well as implant components from CANWELL MEDICAL CO., LTD. The Spinal Fixation System, which can be rigidly locked into a variety of configurations, with each construct being tailor-made for the individual case. Spinal Fixation System can be used with the Spinal Fixation System. The components of the system include: screws, rods, crosslink and so on. Care should be taken so that the correct components are used in the spinal construct. The Spinal Fixation System is made of Titanium alloy which conforms to ASTM F136.To achieve best results, do not use any of components from any other device systems or manufacturers unless specifically allowed to do so or another CANWELL MEDICALCO.,LTD. As with all orthopaedic implants, none of the Spinal Fixation System components should ever be reused under any circumstances.
Product NameStandard Polyaxial Pedicle Screw spine titanium orthopedic implants 
MaterialThe CanTSP are made of Titanium alloy.
Standard ISO 13485,ISO9001,QSR820,CE
IndicationThe device provides stabilization and immobilization of spinal segments as an adjunct to fusion in the treatment of the following acute and chronic instabilities or deformities:
(1)trauma (i.e. fracture or dislocation),
(2)curvatures (scoliosis, kyphosis, and/or lordosis),
(3)spinal tumor,
(4)failed previous fusion,
(6)spinal stenosis. It is not intended for pedicle screw fixation above T8.
Contraindications1.Severe osteoporosis sufferer;
2.Sensitive sufferer on implant material known or under suspicion;
3.Sufferer under behaviour un-controlled;
4.Sufferer with metabolism and immunology dysfunction;
5.Spinal cord or nerve damnification;
6.Other sufferers not suitable for spinal inner operation according to clinical determination.
PRECAUTIONS: 1.The spinal fixation system has not been evaluated for safety and compatibility in the MR environment. It has not been tested for heating, migration, or image artifact in the MR environment. The safety of spinal fixation system in the MR environment is unknown. Scanning a patient who has this device may result in patient injury.
2.Inner implant shall be taken out in time after expiry or cure according to clinical examination.
3.The inner implant can not replace normal bone, the patient shall be told to conduct suitable recovery excises, but over load and acute movement is forbidden.
4.Do not use the inner implant with different materials or from different manufacturers together.
5.Rod of spinal fixation system can be transfigured if necessary, to obtain the shape similar with spinal column, but particular tools are necessary, and bending come-and-go is forbidden, otherwise will potentially cause breaking and invalid.
6.The operation doctor shall have abundant clinical experience, and familiar with inner fixation operation, inner implant and accessory devices.
Instruments for CanTSP
1.Universal Posterial Thoracolumbar Instrument set
Rod Holder1
Power Grip,Length 293mm2
Rod Template Length 210mm1
Thoracic Speed Shift1
Lumbar Speed Shift1
Quick Coupling T-handle1
Quick Coupling Handle2
Dual Sides Probe1
Rod Bender1
Awl with Palm Handle1
Torque Limiter( 12N.M)1
Crosslink Set Driver(SW3.5)1
Rod Template(500mm)1
Marker Inserter(Left)3
Marker Inserter(Right)3
C-shaped Rod Pusher1
Rod Pusher(6.0mm)1
Awl with Palm Handle1
Dual End Rod Rotation Wrench1
Crosslink Holder1
Countertorque, for crosslink1
SW5.5 Crosslink Nut Driver1
SW8 Crosslink Nut Driver1
Parallel Distraction Forceps1
Parallel Compression Forceps1
Instruments Tray(Universal)1
2.CanTSP Instrument Set
Rod Bender, left1
Rod Bender, right1
In-situ Bender, left1
In-situ Bender, right1
Self-retaining Break-off Driver1
Stardrive screwdriver1
Quick Coupling Plug driver2
Reduction Screw Tab Breaker1
Dual End Plug Starter(short)2
Universal Spinal Screw Tray1
Monoaxial Screwdriver1
Reduction Monoaxial Screwdriver1
Polyaxial Screwdriver1
Reduction Polyaxial Screwdrive1
Reduction Forceps1
Lateral Translator1
Plug Starter1
Counter Torque Wrench1
Instruments tray(TSP5.5)1
3.CanTSP Instrument Set( for correction)
Wide blade Lamina Elevator1
Narrow blade Lamina Elevator1
Pedicle Elevator1
Transverse Process Elevator1
Hook Pusher for Implant Holder1
Implant Pusher for Dual Purpose Instrument1
Lateral Implant Holder2
Dual Purpose Instrument1
Universal Spinal Screw Tray1
Instruments tray(TSP5.5 Correction)1

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